Leadership speech

I unfortunately can not show you my speech because it is too blurry to see on the screen when it is a photo, but I will still tell you what makes me a good leader. I always try my best. I am a good ki... Read More


Today we did a shadow activity and what we did was befor lunch we traced our shadows with chalk, then we did it again after lunch. I noticed that the first shadow was a different way around. That is b... Read More

Run That Town

Here are some pictures of the Run That Town game. My popularity is in the middle I have 52% people happy. I think my rating is like this because sometimes I don’t know what something is so I dec... Read More

The Donut Party

I’m part of the Donut Party. This has been a brilliant session!!! I loved playing kickball, my favourite part was when I caught a ball. My second favourite part was when we all incouraged eachot... Read More

Pokemon Go

Here are the answers to Pokemon Go BtN. What are you thoughts on Pokemon Go I think Pokemon Go is cool and I wouldn’t mind playing it, but people have to be           more aware of their su... Read More